frequently asked questions


who the hell are you

i’m yummypillow and i like to draw on the internet.
i am an adult and i am from Sweden.

why do you have me blocked on twitter

i probably don’t like you.

can you draw me something?

yes, when i’m available and if you pay me.
check my X (formerly known as twitter) or bluesky for updates and comm queue to see if there’s any progress.

i don’t do random art trades or gift art unless i know you.

i don’t do charity with art. i will not give you free art.

can i draw you something?

yes. e-mail me it immediately.

any and all fanart is appreciated, and never expected. thank you.

will you draw and/or can i send NSFW/18+ content?

for commission work, feel free to ask me directly through e-mail.

in personal manners, not unless i know you that way.
please don’t immediately open up with how much you like your/my OCs doing this-or-that just because i also like it.

i’ll probably just ignore you.

can i commission you through discord or twitter DMs?

no, preferably not.

i take commissions through mail to hopefully make commissions easier on both myself and you.

taking comms through e-mail;

if you absolutely need to commission me outside of e-mail,
add me on discord first and tell me why you can’t use e-mail.

if the reason is because you don’t want to use your real account,
make a burner account. just make sure i can contact you with it.

why did you deny my commission?

if i deny your commission for any reason,
the reason will be stated with an e-mail.

it’s most likely because i can’t/don’t want to do it.
please respect my decision to do so.

you are welcome to send a request for another commission, unless stated otherwise.

can we be friends?

i am a very tired person and probably unpleasant to be around.

if that sounds great to you, then sure, shoot me a message on discord or something.
don’t expect me to immediately reply to you, please.

can i join your discord?

probably, if you:

just message me anywhere about it.

can i give you money?

don’t feel obliged to if it isn’t over commission matters.
but yes, you can through my ko-fi.

can i use your works for x, y or z?

e-mail me if it’s about commercial use.
otherwise, feel free to ask me on discord.

no. i will tell you to take it down.

das me drawing