version two

fuck it, rewrite the entire thing.

Published Thu Jun 13 2024. Written by pillow.


if you are a frequent visitor of my website (which let’s face it, you aren’t) you may have noticed that there has been some changes.

not anything super crazy at first glance, but probably noticable.

yeah, that’s right, I rewrote the entire god damn website from scratch
in a new framework

this took me about an entire day learning Astro from scratch starting with a completely empty environment, and painstakingly build up everything from the ground up to look exactly like my old zola site, because I am not a very creative person.

what prompted this change?

the old site sucked shit.

it was basically a paintover from my good friend NotNite’s OLD old site that they made in zola, where they gave me the source code, some pointers on how it worked, and then let me loose to do whatever I wanted with it. I slapped my name on it, made it purple and said “yeah, I’m a website maker now.”

what I was really left with was a complete mess of a website that I had no idea how to expand on and an equally messy codebase I couldn’t wrap my head around.

I really just chose the better alternative.

what does this entail?

I can actually do stuff with this website now I guess?
like adding that comm queue and terms of service page?

what I did add though is;

if anything it means I’m actually trying to use this domain for anything, the weirdos running the .art domains hiked the prices up for it so I gotta at least try to make it worth my while.

either that or get a new domain entirely, since said weirdos are advertising NFT scams in my e-mail.



full screamo at selene who offered to help me make a new website, which we then promptly forgot about even after we met IRL for the first time for a Tekken 8 tournament in Finland. I would not have learned how to do this shit otherwise.

big scream at NotNite aswell of course, for being the starting gunshot into this horses leg to actually make a website to begin with.

shoutout to the Girlies.

and to You, dear reader, for being very hot.

das me drawing